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At Web Courseworks, we believe that online learning should be so engaging, accessible, and impactful that it changes learners and improves the quality of their practice.

So we designed and developed CourseStage LMS to help associations and non-profits deliver on-demand online learning, and connect learners in place-based live and virtual live events into a centralized learning platform. Our clients use CourseStage LMS to expand their educational influence in their markets, to increase revenue from their education departments, and to serve their members with outstanding credit and certification-awarding learning experiences. Lifelong learners find their home in CourseStage, and associations find a long-term, broad-based partner in Web Courseworks.

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CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) used the interoperability standard xAPI to gather data from a high fidelity mannequins and from faculty in order to provide detailed feedback for physicians who were trying to learn how to properly intubate difficult airway patients. The data extracted from the mannequin allowed instructors to evaluate pre to post learning outcomes in the LMS as well as begin to set benchmarks for physicians nationwide.

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