Virtual Conference

A Tagoras Leading Learning Event

Delivering amazing learning to your members starts with great content

Xyleme is a content platform that empowers teams to produce and distribute effective content everywhere their learners need it.

Centralize Learning Content

Collaborate – IDs, Authors and SMEs

Create Amazing Learning - web courses, instructor-led training, assessments and micro-learning.

Publish to Web and Print for any device, format and language.

Distribute and Track learning engagement, through all channels

Xyleme partners with associations to help them transform the way they author, publish, deliver and analyze their learning content, enabling them to deliver amazing learning to their members at the speed of change.

Don’t miss our session with ACC on Friday at 11:00am


Demo and Q&As with 
Qaynen Utley of ACC and Xyleme,
Friday, March 3rd, 11:00am

We will show you:
1. Amazing learning examples from ACC
2. How they do it
3. Short demo in Xyleme

Check out ACCSAP9, the flagship offering from ACC built with Xyleme and YMLearning
Learn more about ACC and Xyleme:

We are passionate about great content…


Other Resources

5 Min Video: Building a Learning Strategy from the Ground Up
The American College of Cardiology (ACC) had complex requirements to meet the needs of their modern learners.  Learn how they solved it with Xyleme and YMLearning.

Blog: Five signs that you have a content problem
If you think your content is fine, you might want to think again.

Webinar: 3 Ways to Faster (and Better) Learning Content
Xyleme and Principled Technologies offer three ways to shorten your development time: collaboration, job roles and templates.

Blog: Xy5 has arrived
A quick overview of our latest software platform

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Upcoming Full Demo

Would you like to see a more indepth demo of Xyleme? You can register for the next one on our events page.